R.RushiKesava Reddy M.Sc(Statistics),B.Ed                             S.Devendra Reddy M.Sc,B.Ed
          HOD of Humanities and Life sciences


Focusing on the increasing role of Statistics in diverse areas and its indispensability in marketing, finance and strategy-making, students are trained to acquire tools in the areas of applied statistics, statistical methods and analysis. They engage with sample surveys, econometrics, biostatistics and operations research. In this course, students are taught rigorous methods, tools and techniques to sift through a maze of data and comment on it in an informed manner. The emphasis of the teaching-learning process is on relating statistical concepts to real world ideas that are familiar to the students. To validate the theoretical concepts developed in the classrooms, students are asked to perform a requisite number of practicals in different fields of Statistics. In addition, students also conduct practicals based on the computer language C and software packages like Excel, Word.


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