H.N.Giri  M.A(Eng), M.Phil
 HOD of Language Department


Message from HOD

The meanings of the word Literature have grown over the course of time, beginning in verse and drama, expanding to various kinds of prose and now stands, transcending traditional boundaries of how it was understood. Today, literature aims to analyze all dimensions of what could be called a ‘text.’

The Department of English, aims to provide students with a holistic learning environment, cutting through the historic, cultural and multidimensional perspectives of literature. The Under Graduate courses are smooth transitions, which enable learners to delve into the deeper, more complex spaces of literary study.

With competent faculty, library resources and stimulating learning processes, the Department of English offers three years of a strong base for Under Graduate students.“Literature always anticipates life. It does not copy it, but moulds it to its purpose.” We, at the Department of English, take great joy in this anticipation and in initiating our students to the same. As stated in our Mission, it has always been our effort to enable and equip our students from diverse backgrounds to develop into better human beings. This holistic development is possible through an in-depth knowledge of language, literature and culture.


Faculty of English Department


M.Vijaya mohan M.A, M.phil,B.Ed              P.Rajeswar Rao M.A,M.Ed                     K.Praveen kumar M.A

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