Importance of Placements

 Your Dream Job Catcher

Doing internships and work placements during your college days will give you the much required experience and skill that employers are looking for. Employers always look to cut training time and expenses on new recruits. This is possible if they employ experienced candidates on the field. However, experienced candidates amongst freshers is possible only in the case of fresh graduates who have completed work placements and internships during the academic years.Therefore, when it comes to making your dream job aspirations come true, doing a work placement gives you a better chance of achieving it.

 Applies Theory to Practice

Work placement allows students to have a real-time experience of the job at hand. At times, what is taught in theory in a school or university may not be the same as a real-life experience. For example, a textbook may teach you theoretically, how to build a box. However, the experience lies in actually building the box. It is this experience that employers seek. Work placement allows you to apply theory to practice.

 Develops Skill

Being competent in a particular skill is one of the foremost qualities an employer looks for. A work placement trains you to develop these skills. If an employer sees that you have work placement experience on your CV it may give you a competitive edge over another person having the same qualifications as you.

 Building Contacts

Another importance of work placements is that it allows you to meet people and build contacts. Doing a work placement in an organisation introduces you to infinite people within and outside of the organisation.Some of these new contacts may even be able to help you start a career at a later point. If you are lucky you may even find a like-minded person who is more than eager to start a new venture with you. It may be the birth of a start-up venture. Meeting new people, learning, and adopting new ideas is another advantage of work placement for students

 Good References

Just like building contacts, work placements also allow you to build good references for future career options. Proving your self-worth in placements may attract the eye of influential people. Therefore, such influential people may recommend or refer you to others for a better job.

 Opportunity to Convert a Work Placement Into a Real Full-Time Job

Establishing your worth in an organisation can also lead you to get hired permanently by the same company. Performing assigned tasks well in a work placement can impress the management. They may even offer to hire you on a permanent job basis after your placement period is complete. This saves you from the task of applying for a job later on.

 Improves Confidence

Doing a work placement definitely improves your confidence. The work atmosphere provides you that which a classroom can not do. 

 Develops a Sense of Responsibility

Working in a job placement grooms you for a brighter career. A work placement teaches you responsibility and teamwork much before you experience the real thing out there. It prepares you for the challenges that a real work experience may throw at you later.

 Introduction to Varied Jobs

The type of work you will be introduced to during a work placement may or may not be what you are qualified to do. A company that hires you for a work placement may offer you a job that satisfies your qualification. Or, you may be introduced to other work from other departments. This allows you to explore the different types of job opportunities available in a single organisation.

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