BSc(Maths,Physics,Computer Science)

B.Sc with Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science is a four year undergraduate programme with equal impetus to the basic sciences and their applicability in information technology.

This course enables the students to develop mathematical skills, paradigms, concepts and theorems that help in construction and deconstruction of mathematical models, logical tools which have applications in various other fields which prepares students for further study and research in physics. This course also provides the students with research and career options in computer science.

Course Outcome:

At the end of the course, students develop problem solving skills and learn various concepts which help in developing logical tools and models used to solve various real life problems. Also the students learn traditional techniques of solving algebraic, transcendental equations, differential and integral equations, which have applications in many disciplines. The students would attain a sound level in basic physics, and laid a secure foundation for research and higher studies. The students will have developed problem-solving skills, experimental and data analysis skills in physics. They learn various concepts which help them in understanding physical phenomenon in nature. In computer science, students develop ability to write algorithms for problems ranging from simple to complex problems, understand the practical implementation of the algorithm using programming language like C, Java and develops programs to solve the problems in best possible way. Students will also develop documentation skills and presentation tolls. The students will be able to find the role of databases for the organization and to apply them to the real world problems. They also appreciate the implications of operating systems in development of computing systems.

Course details(W.e.f 2020-21):

  • Course duration         -   4 years
  • Total intake seats       -   55 
  • Convinor seats           -   35
  • Management seats     -   15
  • EWS  seats                  -   05
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